SeaTac Sump Pump


SeaTac Sewer Company is your go-to local sewer expert offering affordable sump pump services in SeaTac, WA. A properly installed and serviced sump pump will effectively drain excess water away from the foundation of your property.

Prevent floods due to intense rainfalls with a high performing sump pump. Homes and commercial buildings with toilets or laundries in the basement benefit from installing a SeaTac sump pump. Regular maintenance to your SeaTac sump pump will enhance your building’s preparedness to inclement weather. Our licensed plumbers offer diagnose and troubleshooting of any kind of sump pump.

Prevent integral damages to your property with comprehensive SeaTac sump pump services including:

  • Pump installation
  • Pump maintenance
  • Pump repair
  • Pump replacement

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SeaTac Sewage Pump


A SeaTac sewage pump is designed to drain not only water, but also waste and other debris from a building into a sewage system or septic tank. The SeaTac sewage pump handles solid objects and heavy liquids flushed down from toilets or appliances. Potential blockages in your sewage pump can delay the transport of waste and cause floods. If you notice irregularities in your sewage pump cycles, you should get them inspected immediately.

An older SeaTac sewage pump with accumulated rust may require a prompt replacement. We have a dependable emergency response at your disposal if you ever need urgent repairs in your sewage pump.

Keep your SeaTac sewage pump in optimal conditions whatever the circumstances such as:

  • Pump in basement
  • Pump in crawl spaces
  • Sewer pump system
  • Outdoor pump

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SeaTac Sewage Ejector Pump


From pump cleaning to unclogging pipes, we will do everything in our power to ensure your SeaTac sewage ejector pump operates smoothly. During a SeaTac sewage ejector pump maintenance, we will be able to assess whether there are any other issues in your sewage system. Equipped with the latest technology and tools, our professional plumbers will execute any necessary repairs to your sewage ejector pump or other malfunctioning components in your septic system.

Our technicians are updated with the latest regulations and codes to ensure any work on your SeaTac sewage ejector pump complies with local ordinances.

Whether you need to install a new SeaTac sewage ejector pump or repair an existing one, we have wide experience in servicing:

  • Sewage ejection pump
  • Effluent pump
  • Submersible pump
  • Water sump

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