Sewer Repair Seattle


Are you looking for service providers who offer sewer repair near Seattle, WA? Then reach out to us at Seattle Sewer Company today. With us, you will be able to hire a crew for sewer line repairs and cleaning at any time. Moreover, sewer lining repair services are also available for other regions near Seattle.

Whether you have tree roots damaging your Seattle drain or have a blockage, you can hire our sewer repair contractors right away. We even offer sewer installation services for new properties. If you need any of these sewer repair services in Seattle, then we are the right ones to hire for the following:

  • Trenchless drain replacement
  • Collapsed sewer line repair
  • New sewer installation
  • Clogged sewer line repair

To learn more about the sewer repair services we provide in Seattle, give us a call at (206) 222-3298 and hire our plumbers.

Sewer Line Repairs Seattle


When there is a leak in your Seattle sewer system, it can affect the quality of groundwater as well. Therefore, hiring us for quick sewer line repairs is the right way to go. You might even need sewer lining repair for your Seattle home in case of grease traps that are slowing down the drainage process.

Our sewer line repairs team can also work on your ejector pump needs in Seattle. This includes both sewer repairs as well as the replacement of pumps. When it comes to sewer line repairs in Seattle, you can use our services such as:

  • Sewer line leak repair
  • Sewer drain snaking
  • Sewer pump repair
  • Sewer liner replacement

Do you need sewer line repairs for your Seattle property urgently? Then call Seattle Sewer Company at (206) 222-3298 right away.

Sewer Lining Repair Seattle


Whenever a client hires us for sewer lining repair in Seattle, our aim is to not damage their yard or make any major modifications. For this, our sewer line repairs are done in a trenchless manner. This also allows us to perform sewer repair in Seattle more efficiently and in less time.

Another reason we are able to successfully finish your Seattle sewer lining repair job is because of our skilled contractors. Our team members have years of training as well as experience. Along with sewer lining repair for your Seattle property, we also offer other services including:

  • Sewer hydro jet pipe cleaning
  • Sewer video inspection
  • Removing roots from sewer line
  • Unblocking sewer main line backup

Want to learn about our sewer lining repair service available in or near Seattle? Give Seattle Sewer Company a call at (206) 222-3298.