Sewer SoDo


We at Seattle Plumbing & Sewer provide one of the best and most reliable sewer services for SoDo, WA property owners. Sewers installed on your property need to be thoroughly maintained to ensure the wastewater flow is never halted. No one wants to face drain or sewer problems on their SoDo property, but these are an unfortunate reality.

We try our best to ease your stress by providing excellent sewer services to our SoDo customers. We understand when something goes wrong with sewers, you want professional help fast. SoDo property owners can bet their money on us as we specialize in:

  • Sewer installation
  • Sewer inspection
  • Sewage ejector pump maintenance
  • Sewer repair
  • Trenchless plumbing

Contact us at (206) 800-7575 to learn more about our sewer services in SoDo or to hire us as your sewer expert today.

Sewers SoDo


Sewers on your SoDo property are critical systems which ensure the waste water is properly channelled for waste water treatment. However, there are many things that can go wrong without your noticing it as sewers are installed underground. What you need at such times is professionals who can provide services for sewers in SoDo.

You do not have to look far as we take care of everything related to sewers in the SoDo area. All you have to do is call us and we will take care of the rest. SoDo property owners can come to us when they need help with sewers for problems such as:

  • Clogged sewer line
  • Broken sewer
  • Sewer backup
  • Roots in sewer line

Need help with sewers on your SoDo property? Call Seattle Plumbing & Sewer at (206) 800-7575 today.

Sewer Repairs SoDo


Are you in need of sewer repairs in the SoDo area? If yes, then your search ends with us. We are your one-stop solution to any small or big service for sewers. With us by your side, you will never have to worry about sewer repairs in the SoDo area as we arrive promptly and offer top-quality solutions.

We are a licensed sewer company and strive to provide you with the most effective sewer repairs in SoDo using some of the most advanced technologies and equipment available. Rather than relying on inexperienced contractors who can often leave you with unsatisfactory results, come to us when you want the job done properly the first time. In addition to sewer repairs in SoDo, we also provide:

  • Sewer installation
  • Sewer maintenance
  • Trenchless sewer replacement
  • Sewer inspection camera

Call Seattle Plumbing & Sewer at (206) 800-7575 for precise and affordable sewer repairs in the SoDo area.