Kent Basement Sump Pump


Seattle Plumbing & Sewer is a licensed professional servicing any crawlspace or basement sump pump in Kent, WA. The optimal performance of your basement sump pump averts flooding and growth of mold and mildew. A Kent basement sump pump in perfect operation drains rainwater away from your building, protecting its foundation from water damage. If planning renovations to include a toilet or laundry room, or setting up new furniture or carpets in your basement, consider getting a new Kent basement sump pump. Our expert technicians will effectively install a basement sump pump with minimal impact to your property.

Our comprehensive services tackle any Kent basement sump pump needs:

  • Pump repair
  • Pump installation
  • Pump replacement
  • Pump maintenance

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Kent Sump Pump Repair


If your sump pump does not respond to flooding, you need an urgent Kent sump pump repair. There are warning signs every homeowner should look for when their basement is requiring a sump pump repair. Kent sump pump repair is due when the sump pump cycles fluctuate, or when there are strange sounds, smells or vibration coming from the unit. Any new or old sump pump demands for a Kent sump pump repair or replacement when there is rust formation or a pest invasion attacks its parts. We will provide the most cost effective sump pump repair solution, from replacing worn or damaged parts to full system replacements.

Equipped with advanced technology and backed by wide experience, we provide any kind of Kent sump pump repair:

  • Basement sewage pump repair
  • Water pump backflow valve repair
  • Basement ejector pump leak detection
  • Emergency pump repair

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Kent Sump Pump Installation


A proper Kent sump pump installation guarantees your basement or crawlspace’s preparedness to extreme rainfall and snow. We are committed to delivering the highest standards in every sump pump installation, utilizing top-grade materials and meticulous procedures. Trust our knowledgeable team, and expect a thorough and efficient Kent sump pump installation with long lasting results. Whether your property is under construction or your old basement needs an upgrade, our Kent sump pump installation services will match any specifications.

We have a solid reputation delivering Kent sump pump installation in residential and commercial buildings:

  • Sump waterproofing
  • Install sump pump discharge line
  • Outdoor sump pump installation
  • Install sump pump backup system

Leave your Kent sump pump installation in the capable hands of Seattle Plumbing & Sewer.

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