Edgewood Repiping


If you believe your home in Edgewood, WA, needs repiping, you should contact Seattle Sewer Company. Our repiping company is known for providing solutions that last longer than others.

We understand regular leakage repair not only causes a hole in your pocket but also harms your property. In such cases, you should think of getting Edgewood repiping job done.

Our Edgewood repiping experts examine the condition of your pipelines first. If only the situation is unrepairable that we recommend replacing the pipes entirely. Besides, we do not charge you a hefty amount for any of our services.

It makes us a sought-after choice for customers. Our company majorly performs Edgewood repiping jobs for:

  • Copper pipes
  • Galvanised pipes
  • Stainless steel pipes
  • French drain pipes

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Edgewood Repiping Company


You can contact our Edgewood repiping company even if there is an emergency. Our repiping specialist will always reach your location within the requested time. It's because we never like to keep our customers waiting.

It would help if you never ignored any early signs of pipe corrosion. Since, if detected earlier, you can stop them from turning huge. Our Edgewood repiping company always saves you from facing such situations.

Our Edgewood repiping company only hires experienced contractors. It is because we can not afford to compromise the quality of our services. All the materials we use are always of top quality.

It is the main reason people choose our Edgewood repiping company for given jobs.

  • Home repiping with pex
  • Water line repiping
  • Repiping house on slab
  • Bathroom repiping

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Edgewood Repiping Specialist


When you call us for any of our services, we assign you an Edgewood repiping specialist immediately. That person will take care of all your repiping needs from start to end. Our rate list, when compared to every other service provider, will always be on the lower side.

Our Edgewood repiping specialist will always be polite and friendly.

We will ensure you have a great experience being served by our Edgewood repiping specialist. If you want to discuss any of your queries, you can call us today. We can also give you a cost estimation to make you choose the required service quickly.

These are a few more services that our Edgewood repiping specialist can perform.

  • Polybutylene pipe replacement
  • Repiping a house with CPVC
  • Trenchless repiping
  • Whole house repiping

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